Introducing: TOILECHIC PORTABLE bedside commode

Dignity in the 21st Century

Due to the tremendous response for our product and the volume of inquiries asking, "Please introduce a portable commode version!" we now offer the ToileChic Portable. No longer do seniors or others facing temporary or permanent mobility challenges have to face an embarrassing, rather flimsy, uncomfortable portable commode. The ToileChic Portable designer chair offers all of the aesthetic and durable amenities of the original ToileChic but without a flush handle and the porcelain toilet. Instead, the ToileChic Portable has a removable, cleanable, toilet bowl container.


 The standard portable commode       

                                                                               THE TOILECHIC PORTABLE


                        MODERN, SAFER, HYGIENIC,COMFORTABLE......AND CHIC!

                                  No one will ever know it's a bedside commode!


No more embarrassment with guests seeing a toilet aide in full view.                                            

No more discomfort  on hard, cold, clinical, metal toilet and grab bar surfaces.           

 Potentially safer for falls with the padded upholstery.

 No more having to face a medical, unattractive toilet apparatus, reminding one

of their disability.                                                               

 Adds a chair to the room without adding more space.  Storage shelving built into the chair.

Sturdy construction offered from a quality chair.

The ToileChic Portable offers a luxurious designer chair to visitors, while hiding it's true purpose. 

                                CHOOSE FROM FIVE DESIGNER STYLES at $1250 


The ToileChic Portable is offered in designer faux leathers that look beautifully sophisticated and make cleaning a breeze. Or if fabric is your preference, there is the amazing technology of Crypton Fabrics. Crypton is actually non porous, therefore is easily cleaned and can be disinfected. Crypton is anti stain, anti odor and anti mold and mildew with the added feature of being anti microbial. 

 Crypton was developed over 18 years ago to solve incontinent problems involving upholstery in care facilities and over 100 million yards have been sold. More recently due to the development of beautiful Crypton patterns and textures, high end designers are using it for their most important clients....in Buckingham Palace and the White House.

                                     The TOILECHIC PORTABLE....dignity in the 21st Century

               Contact your Customer Service Concierge for more information and to place an order.



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