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ToileChic and ToileChic Portable bedside commode.......Two innovative products solve multiple mobility challenges


ToiléChic: Who Said your Powder Room Can't Be Swanky and Safe?

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For seniors and others with disabilities, the morning constitutional can be a minefield of slip and fall hazards. With the introduction of ToiléChic to the bathroom, seniors and other people with disabilities not only have a safer product to aide them in using the toilet, they have one that is unsurpassed in style and comfort.

The Poshest Privy

Instead of the current use of hard, embarrassing and potentially hazardous toilet aides, ToiléChic is a padded, sturdy, upholstered chair with arms that comfortably help anyone get on and off the toilet. However, while the fabric used is beautiful, comfortable, and comes in unlimited colors and patterns, it is not like any other fabric.

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Crypton Super Fabric is the only fabric that is actually nonporous, therefore cleans easily with enzyme soap and water, can be disinfected, is anti-stain, odor, mold and mildew resistant. (EXACTLY what you would want to adorn your throne!)

Over 100 million yards of Crypton have been used from the White House to Buckingham Palace, proving the only choice for discriminating consumers and for the toughest of use. Originally developed for nursing homes dealing with incontinent problems for upholstered furniture, it has evolved to be offered in every fabric texture, including even designer ultrasuedes, velvets and chenilles.

ToiléChic offers 5 chair styles, the choice of a Kohler or Toto toilet, is ADA height and, at 26" wide, fits into standard toilet areas.

For All its Form, ToiléChic's Genius is in the Function

During four years of development, a sleek and modern hinge was invented along with a metal toilet bowl cover that connects the toilet to the chair, adding better hygiene by preventing stray particles from landing on the floor. A recliner style flush handle is also more conveniently located.

Wheelchair on the beach

ToiléChic can be customized to accommodate the special needs of the user, usually at no additional cost.

President and Owner of ToiléChic Kathy Monteiro said, "We challenge other companies to produce products that solve everyday problems for seniors and the disabled that look and feel mainstream and not institutional. It just takes a bit more creativity and effort but everyone deserves to be treated with dignity...especially those who face challenges."

Wheelchair on the beach

ToiléChic boasts that it is THE modern and chic toilet of the 21st century, incorporating aesthetics, functionality and cutting-edge technology to improve the lives of millions.

For more on ToiléChic, visit www.ToileChic.com or call (855) 498-6644.

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