ToilèChic™ "Featured Product" at Vegas show

ToilèChic was featured as one of the top innovative products at the 2014 Las Vegas Furniture Show. Considering over 3 million sq ft of home decor is displayed at this show, it further validates the design aesthetic, innovation and utility ToiléChic offers.

In the lead video of the show seminar, "Ahead Of the Curve,"  ToilèChic was introduced to a standing room only crowd of approx. 200 designers. TV personality and renowned designer, Thom Felicia, was eager to have his picture taken sitting on the Venice style chair, as one of the first people to see our innovative product. ToilèChic is definitely ahead of the curve, redefining the bathroom for this century. 

Owner, designer Kathy Monteiro said, "In ten years, people will be looking at a porcelain toilet asking, 'Did people really accept those unsightly, uncomfortable toilets sitting conspicuously in their bathrooms?' "

With the introduction of ToilèChic, and the technology with modern fabrics, a new paradigm has arrived.

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